Celebrated New Jersey icon Jon Bon Jovi turns 50 years old today (3/2/12), that’s hard to comprehend. It seems like yesterday when Jon and the boys formed their band.

Actually,  it was in 1983. For four decades and 29 years Jon Bon Jovi has built and sustained a career that has taken him to places other rock idols have never been. Jon is a Grammy Award nominee, an Academy Award nominee, a Golden Globe winner, an inductee into The New Jersey Hall of Fame, an actor, a philanthropist, a restaurant owner, an arena football team owner and continues to write and perform music better than ever.

He’s the first rock and roll musician to have a number one hit on the pop and country charts, and let’s face it, those matinee idol looks don’t hurt either.

Turning 50 for Jon Bon Jovi means nothing for those of us who enjoy his music. His energy, passion and delivery of that music makes him one of the most successful musicians ever. He continues to transcend his audience by introducing new genres to his classic hits and newer material, selling out the largest venues throughout the world.

I know Jon Bon Jovi more for his compassionate charitable involvement. He and his lovely wife Dorothea have been instrumental in helping so many local New Jersey organizations. They do it many times without fanfare or press. I have been involved in many of those charitable functions with Jon and Dorothea and their true love and devotion for those in need is so clear and evident.

So don’t get hung up on Jon turning 50 today, take a look at what he’s done with those 50 years and just imagine what he’ll have in store for us in the next 50, I can’t wait.

Happy Birthday Jon...cheers!