Governor Chris Christie's reveal about his lap-band surgery to help him lose weight has attracted offers of support and late night jokes.

Jon Stewart with "Dr. Arachnid" (Comedy Central)

During an appearance on this morning's Today show, First Lady Michelle Obama  said of Christie's decision, "I think Governor Christie is terrific. His family is wonderful, and I wish them the best," she said.

TBS' Conan O'Brien noted Christie's announcement on Tuesday night, saying the "12 animals had been removed from the endangered species list," joking that the Governor ate all the eagles and baby seals. He also said that he'll be undergoing surgery for "monologue reduction."

Jon Stewart on Comedy Central's Daily Show narrowed in on the questions of whether or not Christie is taking a step towards running for President in 2016 and shared Christie's annoyance at it becoming a big news story.  He compared Christie's weight issue to those of Dwight Eisenhower and recalled how he changed his campaign slogan from "I Like Ham."

He also referenced the video of Christie smashing a spider, joking that it was actually "Dr Arachnid," who had found a cure for cancer that fell victim to the Governor's hand meaning "cancer will always be with us."

tweeting that she is willing to be Christie's "work out buddy"