Mets pitcher Johan Santana was going to find out Monday night that achievement in New York sports has its rewards. But he wound up catching a flight instead.

Fresh off throwing a no pitcher on Friday night, the Mets pitcher was to read the Top 10 List on tonight's Late Show with David Letterman on CBS. But when the top 10 list came up on the show, Dave told band leader Paul Schaefer he was going to read the list instead.



"Originally he was going to do this list," said Letterman. "But he had to catch a plane" for the Mets road game in Washington DC. "That's very big of you," said Schaefer.

Newsday Mets writer Neil Best reported on his Twitter account, "David Letterman himself will read the Top 10 list Johan Santana was supposed to read tonight before cancelling due to travel logistics."

Santana told the Wall Street Journal, ""It's something I really would like to do, but we're on a schedule here."

Top Ten Pitches Johan Santana Used During His No-Hitter

10."The two-handed lob"

9."The Lucille Ball"

8."The pulled pork slider"

7."The one-finger fastball"

6."The double-k kknukleball"

5."The sinking split-finger spit-knuckle curve change up"

4."The same-sex screwball"

3."The mustache tickler"

2."Mama mia, that's a spicy meatball"

1."The 'Thank God there's no instant replay' ball"

Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti, Joan Rivers and the group Silversun Pickups were also on the show.

Eli Manning appeared on the show after leading the Giants to their Super Bowl win in February.