Sex, love and marriage. It's something most adults can relate to one way or the other and that's what makes comedian Joey Vega so much fun for his fans.   Joey Vega will be bringing his comedy to the stage at Uncle Vinnie's in Point Pleasant Beach on Thursday April 10th. It's not unusual for fans of Vega to feel like he was in their bedroom while he is on stage because his humor hits home for many married couples. Vega is no stranger to the comedy scene, as he is an established veteran of the comedy scene, gracing the comedy stage for over 30 years and has been on tour with the likes of Chris Rock and Marc Anthony, just to name a few.

In his exclusive interview with, we spoke about what his act is like, Vega's move to New Jersey and much more. You can listen to the first part of the interview discussing his act and moving to NJ as a life-long New Yorker in the audio player below.

In the 2nd segment, as we're wrapping up the interview, Vega discusses what it takes to be in the comedy business, how he views today's up and coming comics and Vega shares a very cool story about a legendary iconic comedian with our audience.

If you've never seen Joey Vega live, you can click the video below to see what his show is like. Make sure to get your tickets for his show at Uncle Vinnie's in Point Pleasant Beach on Thursday April 10th, to purchase tickets click here.