Fired Paterno and the University President. My guess is that after a new, squeaky clean coach is hired, every last employee of the football program will be fired and replaced. It's hard to believe they didn't all know what was going on. But what is also striking is the campus response: pro Paterno riots. It makes it blaringly clear that a new morality, a dramatic transvaluation of values, has happened.  It was noted recently in a New York Times piece by David Brooks.  He defined the New Morality as "if it feels right to ME, than it is". Today's young have grown up, he says, "unmoored from any cultural or religious framework for knowing right from wrong."  Moral choices are simply a matter of individual taste.  And so, the judgement of Paterno and his colleagues depends largely on which side of the Moral Divide you stand. Those with traditional, fixed values will condemn him for, in effect, tolerating the depravity of a close associate and not stopping disgusting acts. Adherents of the New Morality will be oblivious to any constraints of right and wrong, and respond emotionally according to their own feelings at the moment. Like  rioting over the fall of one who by Rah Rah school jingoism, they had been trained to regard as an icon;