For a comic, there is no greater joy than being booked on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” Many comedians were inspired to pursue their dreams because they grew up watching Dave. With Letterman announcing his retirement, and Stephen Colbert being named his replacement, I thought it would be a good idea to reach out to someone who had done “The Late Show” to see what it’s like.Comedian Joe Matarese is a Cherry Hill native who has done The Late Show with David Letterman not once, but twice. His first appearance was in April of 2011.

He appeared on the show again on May 3rd of last year.

Matarese called in at 7:20 on Thursday night, and expressed surprise that Stephen Colbert would replace Dave. Joe also joked about all the prep and rehearsal that goes into doing a 5 minute spot on 'The Late Show.' “When you’ve prepped your act to the point where no one in the club is laughing, you’re ready.” He also talked about how he genuinely made Dave laugh when he pulled out the price tag of an expensive sport jacket he bought just for the show and planned to return afterwards.

Was he surprised that Letterman was retiring? Materese said: "I thought Dave was ready to retire the first time I did the show.”

Listen to Steve Trevelise's interview with Joe Materese below.

Steve Trevelise Interviews Joe Materese Part 1

Steve Trevelise Interviews Joe Materese Part 2