Despite a national unemployment rate of 8.1%, and a much higher rate in New Jersey, many employers haven't stepped up to make the job search any easier.

The Internet should make the search simpler and quicker, and in many ways, it does. However, a large number of job-seekers continue to cite obstacles along the way. In some cases, wannabe workers can't even locate the employment section on a company's web site.

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When a job opening is found, applicants are sometimes faced with multi-step, complex procedures to get their name in the ring. The application may ask them questions that have nothing to do with the position, or the questions are relevant, but answering them all would take close to an hour.

"It's an indication of the priorities of the organization," said Dr. Chester Spell, associate professor of management at the Rutgers School of Business-Camden. "If they don't put a lot of time into selecting people, into thinking about what they should ask people, it shows that they really don't have a priority in who works there."

For job-seekers, according to Spell, the application process is the first impression of a business. He said it can improve an employer's reputation if applicants feel welcome during the process. A business would probably gain a few points from job-seekers if it acknowledges receiving an application. According to a recent survey from CareerXRoads, a staffing industry consulting firm, more than 85% of employers sent some type of acknowledgement.

Spell said he believes this is a practice that every employer should adopt, as well as informing applicants when a position is filled.

"It's a way that people will think, 'At least I was treated fairly, even if I didn't make the cut,'" explained Spell.

Even though a receipt is sent, how many of the applications are actually viewed by a person? Spell said in many cases, they are not, especially at the biggest companies. He said job-seekers have become aware of this over the years, and they have changed the way they apply for open jobs. Beyond the standard resume, applicants plug in keywords they hope will get flagged by the system and put them in the next round of the process.

Spell said the job posting and job search processes work hand-in-hand. If a company takes the right approach to finding the best employees, the company will benefit in the end.