Jersey's largest collegiate Career Fair is coming up at Rutgers University tomorrow - and there's some good news for seniors who will soon be graduating and looking for work. Richard White, the Director of Career Services at Rutgers, says "we're expecting 160 employers- maybe even more - representing a wide range of sectors from corporate to government to non-profit…and the great thing about this event is that it's open to the public - so that current college students seeking internships for the summer or full-time jobs, recent grads and even those who graduated a few years ago will find that all important face to face human contact with recruiters."

He says the really exciting news is that "employers are projecting hiring more college grads this year, than probably the last 3 years - going back to 2007 - so I think the prospects are brighter…last year 130 employers showed up, but this year we're expecting about 160….that's a nice, healthy increase."

White adds the best advice he can offer students who will soon be job-hunting is "show up at this particular event - and not put all your eggs in one basket - there are just plenty of employers to choose from…all of the companies to be represented are listed on the Rutgers website, so I would suggest doing a little homework before the event - just to try to identify maybe 5 or 10 employers that seem to be looking for the majors and backgrounds that you have."

He points out several industries continue to grow and expand, including healthcare, "the computer sector -which was kind of struggling a few years ago- that seems to be very, very healthy, engineering pretty much across the board, and good old accounting."