“Jimmy Roundboy” Graham, makes others laugh while deep inside, his heart breaks for those who battle addiction. The Pitman comedian's 2 sons are substance abusers and their journey has forced Graham to take matters into his own hands.

Jimmy’s fight against drug dealers has landed him on the radio
and on the covers of newspapers . Now, Graham is taking his fight one step further. Graham has set up Stand Up To Addiction, a charity to help the families of those dealing with addiction.

Graham started this fight against drug dealers with a video urging parents to check their children's cell phone and take a proactive stance against heroin/opiate dealers. He had yard signs made that read, “Not in Our Town, STOP or LEAVE” and placed them on the lawns of those in Pitman.

After repeated visits from police with reported complaints and visits from the drug dealers themselves, Graham stood fast against those that wanted him to cease and desist. Those that wanted him to stop his crusade included local police, government and citizens afraid of the effects on their property value and reputations.

He took abusers that wanted help to social services, meetings, rehab and for those in a position to help and council, had another sign printed that showed support for his cause “NOT IN OUR TOWN, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,” selling them using the profits to buy groceries, gas, help with utility bills, etc.

Graham then set up a page listing resources for families and those dealing with the plight of substance abuse followed by opening a GoFundMe account, the proceeds in turn enabled him to create Stand Up To Addiction, a NJ nonprofit corporation designated to assisting the families of substance abusers.

Graham has worked directly with Michele Perez of The City of Angels, as well as Sgt. Danielle LoRusso Sgt./Commander of the Gangs, Gun, and Narcotics Task Force in Gloucester County and Detective Sgt. Hunter Moore of The Pitman Police Dept providing information, tips and speaking at town hall meetings and forums throughout the county and state as well as radio appearances. Through all these combined efforts, arrests have been made in the past several weeks that included Graham's targeted dealers throughout Pitman.

The Comic has started booking national and state celebrities such as Artie Lange, Tim Grill and myself to perform with proceeds to benefit his non-profit. The first event is set to be held at The Broadway Theater in Pitman NJ on January 9, 2016.

Like Jimmy says “Help if you can...Help if you need it!!”

Learn more about "Stand Up 2 Addiction" by visiting their Facebook page.