It has become a custom that on the morning of the 'Ask the Governor' show, Jim's listeners leave their questions for Governor Chris Christie.

Governor Chris Christie (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

Since some listeners will not be able to tune in tonight to the 'Ask the Governor' show at 7pm, they let their questions ahead of time and discussed their points on air.

Here are the questions below.

Mike in Trenton: When will construction in Seaside be completed?

Rob in Salem County: Would Gov Christie consider getting rid of smaller towns/boroughs to balance budget?

Jim in Whitehouse: Will Gov. Christie veto 10 round magazine limit?

Debra in Monmouth County: Why aren't doctors forced to keep track of the medicine they prescribe. This could help drug epidemic.

Michael in Lambertville: Is trying to save a house in danger. DEP isn't helping, where do you go from there?

Tony in Hunterdon: Will Gov. Christie ever be able to fix NJ schools and taxes?

Shawn in Woodbridge: When will the Turnpike and Parkway construction ever be completed?

Joann in Phillipsburg: Was forced to wait 3 hours to talk to unemployment, is there any way to fix this department?