Comedian Jim Florentine came on my show Thursday night talking about his new book "Everybody's Awful; Except You" and the conversation got around to Louis CK who's mulling a return to comedy after admitting to masturbating in front of women. Florentine, who lives in Marlboro and filmed an episode of "Louie" said he would have no problem if Louie did it in front of him.

"If he did, I would have. I need the role. I needed the acting credit, if that's what you want to do, I would have watched." It wouldn't have been the first time for the Marlboro comedian 'I've walked in on my roommate doing that, I didn't get any role from that i just said "Dude, C'mon man."

If you've watched the episode you saw Florentine take a dump in the top of the toilet tank what he calls an "upper decker." Has he ever done that on the road? "Sometimes I would do that if I got bad service at the place we'd leave an upper decker but that was before Yelp."

For Florentine's thoughts on #metoo click here.

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