There's an art to being a New Jersey girl or guy — and there sure is a lot of art on New Jersey girls and guys.

Our own Judi Franco has been roaming the beaches of New Jersey, looking for the perfect tattoo for her first annual "Jerz-Ink" Awards. Friday, she showed you a pretty awesome, colorful, elaborate side-of-the-midriff design on Colleen, a visitor to Atlantic City.

It'll be the first of several Judi rolls out before putting them up to a vote.

But in the meantime, we put the call out online — to show us your best tattoos, Jersey. We asked you to tweet us your tattoo pics @DennisandJudi and @NJ1015 with #JerzInk … or leave them in the comments on this Facebook post.

As always, you came through.

Check out some of our early submissions above. New Jersey 101.5 digital editor Lou Hochman does some photography work on the side, so we've mixed in some of his own "Inked Girls" series shots — featuring some great art on some great Jersey models.

We want to see even more Jersey ink! So keep tweeting pictures to us and keep hitting us up on Facebook.

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