Wednesday is is International Kissing Day and on this day, we look back on some of New Jersey’s most memorable kisses. So pucker up, cutie!

Here’s the last scene from the movie “Jersey Girl” where Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler lock lips at the end. I loved George Carlin in that movie!

Jon Bon Jovi recently surprised cancer patient Carol Cesario at his Soul Kitchen in Toms River with a guitar and a kiss. Nice!

Carol Cerario with Jon Bon Jovi at the Soul Kitchen restaurant in Toms River (GoFundMe)

A statue made from the famous picture called "The Kiss" is on display at the Battleship New Jersey. That's the photo with the sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square after it was announced that World War II was over.

Jersey Shore fans will remember these kissing scenes:

Kenny Chesney got the kiss of his life when a female fan locked lips with him last Aug. 15. in East Rutherford.

How about the Twin Kiss Ice Cream Parlor in Clayton? Great Ice Cream, incredible root beer!

The ultimate Jersey “bromance” kisses had to have been exchanged between Bruce Springsteen and the “Big Man” Clarence Clemons on stage.

How about Tony Soprano planting one on Dr Jennifer Melfi?

And of course, if you’re going to talk kiss, who can forget when Kiss rocked New Jersey with the original lineup back in 2000.

Hugs and kisses to all!

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