The Garden state’s red light camera pilot program has officially been given the green light to resume – after being suspended since June 19th.

After yellow light timing issues were raised, Jersey Department of Transportation Spokesman Tim Greeley says “we told each town that they needed to perform a new analysis in order to conform to the formula in the legislation – and each affected municipality in turn conducted that new requested traffic analysis at each of the affected intersections.”

He says the towns have “provided their official re-certifications to NJ DOT via a professionally licensed municipal engineer…so we have officially reached out to and informed each of these towns…that the results confirmed that the duration of the yellow light at the authorized intersection meets the minimum duration…so as of today, they are clear to continue operating their cameras in the pilot program as they had before.”

What this means, says Greeley, is the towns can also resume handing out tickets to drivers who run red lights at the intersections with the cameras.

The red light camera pilot program began in 2009, and is slated to run until 2014 – after that, a report will be issued by the DOT, reviewing whether the red light cameras have been effective in reducing the number of people running red lights.

Click here for a complete list of the 85 intersections approved for red light camera enforcement.