Welcome to 2018. It's the year California got legalized marijuana and certain parts of Oregon get to pump their own gas. Meanwhile in New Jersey, we get none of that. Although Phil Murphy says we're going to get legalized weed, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rolling back the policy preventing federal intervention, which probably means no weed anytime soon.

Meanwhile Oregon, which has legalized weed now, gets to pump their own gas. What is it about the process that sends so many in New Jersey freaking out at the idea? How can we call ourselves "Jersey tough" if we can't even pump our own gas?

Delaware gets to pump their own gas, Rhode Island gets to pump their own gas, ALL the other states get to pump their own gas but here in New Jersey, if this blizzard were to wipe out civilization and you were able to obtain the getaway vehicle to drive yourself to safety, you'd be stuck at a gas station waiting for some dude to come out and fill your tank.

You'll hear cries of sympathy that those who pump the gas could lose their jobs. It's called progress. Maybe they find better jobs. Not only that but you're probably prolonging their lives by getting them away from the fumes. Is anyone concerned about those people who lost their jobs when the big stores started self checkout? Why can they do it and not the gas stations?

It's time New Jersey got up to speed with the rest of the country and pumped our own gas. If Jersey girls don't want to do it, they can get Jersey guys to do it for them. Maybe it could turn into a Jersey love story. No longer should the gas pump be our kryptonite, we're better than that. We pump, therefore we are!

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