The Jersey Shore Beach House in Seaside Heights is renting for big bucks, but are the surrounding properties benefiting from the shows popularity?

With it's 2,500 dollar per night rental rate for the actual house Snookie, Paulie, and the Situation lived and partied in, the steep price tag isn't having any trouble attracting fans of the show wanting to spend some time living like one of the cast (complete with duck phone, italian flag painted on the garage, and hot tub). However, rest of the North End area of seaside heights is seeing an increase in occupancy as people clamour to be spend time by the famous location.

Michael Loundy is a realtor with Seaside Realty, the company working listing the home, and he is noticing that the area surrounding the Jersey Shore home is getting a boost in visitors also.

"North End used to always be quieter, and because of the Jersey Shore house and people looking to rent in the area to be nearby has spiked upwards."

It's important to remember that nothing is forever and eventually MTV will end it's popular reality series, something Loundy says they will face when the time comes.

"You know it's really anybody's bet [when interest from the show will wear off], we're just happy during a very challenging economic time that we are even or better compared to our surrounding communities that seem to be off a little bit." adding that "we would like to see it last a little longer." He also notes that in addition to have steady renters for the former home of Snookie, the Jersey Shore is keeping tourists coming during the usually queter "shoulder season".

The interest in Seaside Heights hasn't just been a boon to the owner of the Jersey Shore home, Loundy says that he has seen a huge increase in filming requests from major networks like TruTV and HBO who want to film in the area. Something, which he hopes will add value to the entire region for the future as well.