Jersey lawmakers are preparing for a busy day on Monday, when several measures will be considered by Committees in both the State Senate and Assembly.

The Senate Government, Wagering, Tourism and History Preservation Committee will consider one measure to weed out abuse in the disability and pension system, and review another one that would establish violations of the hands-free cell phone law as “reckless” under the state’s vehicular homicide and assault by auto statutes.

Assembly Committees will review several measures, including one to establish a pilot program for mandatory sentencing to a drug court for nonviolent offenders, and another to prohibit those under the age of 18 from using tanning beds.

Also, the Assembly Transportation Committee has invited the Jersey State Police Superintendent to discuss recent reports of troopers providing high-speed escorts for caravans of sports cars.

Regular Committee meetings have not been taking place for the past few weeks, while the State Senate and Assembly Budget Committees held a series of hearings – that are still ongoing.