Joe Weber was fired from his job as a consultant swim coach at the Somerset Valley YMCA after officials discovered he pleaded guilty 17 years ago to having oral sex with a 14 year old girl for which he spent 5 years in jail.

The incident occurred in 1995, Since getting out of prison, no new allegations have surfaced against Weber and parents describe him as being “patient, knowledgeable, and a positive influence on the 300 plus members of the Somerset Valley swim team.”

So the question begs to be asked “Since Weber paid his debt to society, Why should he lose his job over something that happened 17 years ago?”

When Michael Vick signed with the Eagles all we heard was how he paid his debt to society and everyone deserves a second chance.



While I don’t agree with the second part of that statement, I do believe people can be rehabilitated. It would seem after seventeen years that Weber is one of those people. If my sons were going to be coached by him, I would not have a problem, especially since this is all out in the open.

How about you?