If you're one of the long-term unemployed, listen up. As part of a new federal law, New Jersey is partnering with its community colleges to help people get back in the workforce.

In addition to One Stop Career Centers, the state's jobless can now go to one of the state's 19 community colleges to take a job assessment.

"The goal is to help match people with industries where the job are. The computer takes their resumes and highlights their skills, so sometimes they have skills that can help them in a different industry and they post the updated version on Jobs4Jersey.com," said Mary Ellen Clark, Assistant Commissioner of the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

She says the program, which started earlier this year as part of a federal law, has been successful.

"What we hear most often from people is that people are really re-energized with their job search. I think in today's economy they lose confidence and just giving them some tools, they realize they're not alone and that there are resources out there to help them."

To qualify, you must be out of work longer than 26 weeks. Roughly 200,000 New Jersey workers who are receiving unemployment benefits would be eligible.

"For New Jersey that translates to about 5,000 people a week in addition to the others who are going to the career centers" said Clark.