When I’m not on the radio, I’m usually out performing standup comedy at my place, Sarcasm Comedy Club. Here are some jokes that won’t cost you a two-drink-minimum.

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Snow Covers New Jersey - There’s no truth to the rumor that Governor Christie ordered the snow to fall on all towns who’s mayors didn’t endorse him in the election, however there will be a full scale investigation launched.

Carl Lewis Alleges Governor Christie Backed Out of Making Him New Jersey's Fitness Ambassador - Thank God he wasn’t going to make him singing ambassador.

Phillies Sign 40 Year Old Bobby Abreu - With 10 players over the age of 34 on the team, the Phils will not be coming out of a dugout. Instead they will walk out of a cornfield.

CD Players Will Soon Be Disappearing From Cars  - Just when I was ready to get rid of my 8 track.

Should Pornography Be Allowed at Morris County Libraries - And you’re proud when your son tells you he’s studying at the library after school…and into the night.

Bruce Springsteen's Son Becomes Colts Neck Firefighter - Colts Neck will be replacing the alarms with this.

Cold Weather Could Linger Through Super Bowl - After everything that New York has gotten out of this deal, it’s only right that New Jersey leaves the NFL out in the cold.