Last Thursday, I started a new feature called the “Jersey Jerk of the Week”. It’s where I give you three nominees and you vote both here and by calling me tonight during the 10pm hour at 1-800-283-1015. Tonight I have four that I think you’ll have trouble choosing from…

1.Amare Stoudemire – The New York Knick, after losing a playoff game to the Miami Heat Monday night, put his hand through the glass of a fire extinguisher door suffering a laceration that will keep him out of tonights game three playoff and possibly game .


2 Patricia Krentcil , The “tanning mom” is pleading not guilty to child endangerment charges after authoroties say she allowed her 5 year old daughter to burn in a tanning salon last month. Now if you believe her, then how about a nomination for the way she has over tanned herself if you look at the photos from the court house


3. Marek Olszewski. We had to go overseas to get this story about a man who dumps his dental assistant girlfriend Anna Mackowiak only to later show up at her office complaining of a toothache. Imagine his surprise when she put him out and removed all of his teeth. His new girlfriend has left him since the incident and he’s now trying to find dentures to replace his missing teeth.


4.Kendrick Floyd. This good samaritan stole the cellphone and wallet of a man lying dazed and confused after being pulled from his overturned minivan after a crash on Bayville ave in Jersey City.