I didn't know whether to laugh or hang my New Jersey born head in shame watching this video of some Jersey girls trying to pump their own gas. Apparently it was their very first time.

It's one of those things about my home State I'll never understand. We're all in such a hurry, yet when it comes to giving up several unnecessary minutes every time we fuel up no one has an issue with it.

I'm not lazy enough to consider it a luxury to wait extra minutes just so I don't have to stand up. This business about safety is obviously a joke. The rest of the country isn't spontaneously combusting at the pumps, yet people will defend full service while only citing safety issues.

The job protection angle is a joke. Did that theory apply to the ice men when refrigerators came along?  Did they have to find a new line of employment?

The cheaper gas theory is also a  joke. The reason gasoline is cheaper in New Jersey has nothing to do with full serve only, but rather that we have the third lowest combined State and Federal gas tax in the nation.

So what is it really? I think this video says it all. It's about fear of the unknown. Period.