He's 26 years old and he's having his 15 minutes of fame. The Jersey City resident works for a Manhattan business delivering food. He was doing just that Tuesday night when things went terribly wrong. He was using a GPS phone app which told him to go into the Lincoln Tunnel.


Bicycles are not allowed in the Lincoln Tunnel. He was intercepted on the New Jersey side around 7:30pm by Port Authority police, no doubt setting off bells and whistles when he was seen on a bicycle carrying a package into the target sensitive tunnel. He explained to law enforcement he was simply following what his app told him to do. He even showed them the app and a PA spokesperson said it supported his claim.

Nonetheless he was slapped with a traffic ticket for trespass.

Do you know anybody who implicitly follows GPS directions no matter what? I can only think of one. And that was a fictitious guy named Michael Scott on a TV show called The Office.

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