Okay, not in any legal sense. Morally though wouldn't you have to put every mirror in your home up on Craigslist? Forget sleeping at night. Last month attorney Joe Amendola claimed in an interview that one of the victims denied he'd ever been abused by Jerry Sandusky. Remember that? Well now all 8 alleged victims are willing to testify at a preliminary hearing that these things did, indeed, happen. With no explanation of his previous comments, Amendola now only says he's looking forward to the opportunity to face Jerry's accusers and question them, under oath, about their allegations. What is that Joe? A threat? You're really willing to play that victimize-them-twice card? Leave it hang in the air that, what, all eight are lying? Really? Good luck with that.

It shouldn't come as any great shock that this attorney is morally bankrupt in defending a pedophile. He's practically one himself. When Amendola was 49 years old he impregnated a 16 year old client who was petitioning for emancipation from her parents. She had his child when she was 17. They later married then split up.

When this woman, now 32, heard Amendola tell Bob Costas that yes he would leave his own children alone with Jerry Sandusky, she wrote on her Facebook page "OMG. Did Joe just say he would allow my children to be alone with Jerry Sandusky?"

Should that really surprise you sweetie?