Sports fans who reside in New Jersey are very lucky to live within driving distance of both New York City and Philadelphia. Up until this year, we also had two teams who represented New Jersey in their respective leagues, although now we're left with only the Devils as the Nets have relocated to Brooklyn.

Regardless, a total of thirteen major sports teams play in our general vicinity, and thanks to modern media, we are very well exposed to all of them. When Jeremy Lin caught fire for the Knicks in the middle of last season, the tri-state area, as well as a majority of NBA fans around the country became infected with Linsanity. Lin jerseys were selling at record pace. The enormous Chinese and Taiwanese markets followed his every move. Lin is even partially responsible for ending a dispute between the TV channel that carries Knicks games, MSG, and Cablevision because customers were outraged that they couldn't watch Lin play.

All of that happened over the course of a little over two months, then Lin got hurt and missed the rest of the season. Now, Jeremy Lin is a Houston Rocket and Linsanity in New York is now over. We don't have to get into whether you think the Knicks made the right decision or not. There are a lot of factors that went into the decision.

I'm more interested in finding out if you agree that Jeremy Lin is the most exciting athlete to play in the area in the last 25-30 years. There are much better all around athletes for sure. Derek Jeter, Allen Iverson and Martin Brodeur are all superstars. But I don't recall any of them igniting a fanbase quite like Jeremy Lin.

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Have you seen the parody video that one fan made to say goodbye to Jeremy Lin? The parody is to the Gotye song 'Someone That I Used to Know,' and it is called 'Jeremy Lin That I Used To Know.'

You can check it out right here: