A week after the Legislature passed a gas tax hike to replenish the Transportation Trust Fund Governor, Chris Christie still has not signed it. Democrats are puzzled. He stood with Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto two weeks ago to announce a deal had been struck and said he would sign it when the Legislature passed it. Sweeney says he's frustrated.

"The governor, I don't know why he's not signing the bill that we agreed to. They said he is, so I expect him to do it. Why he's waiting, I have no idea," Sweeney told reporters.

David Letterman style, we put the home office in Buttzville to work to come up with...

The Top 10 Reasons Why Christie Hasn't Signed The Gas Tax Hike:

10. Still trying to get past that pukey douchebag feeling every time he reaches for the pen

9. "...and that is why, with this compromise, I will now formally sign this histor---OH hey, is that pizza!!??"

8. Received email from Bridget Kelly: Time for some ink problems in Trenton.

7. Fleece jacket + extended bear hunt week = stay home

6. Too busy grilling wife Mary Pat about those 30 seconds she once was alone with handsy Donald Trump

5. (To the tune of Afroman) I was gonna sign the gas tax bill, but then I got hiiiiigh

4. Hiding under desk since latest clown sighting and won't come out

3. Still running it through his What Would Bruce Do? filter

2. Will get to it as soon as he's all caught up on The Voice

1. He's had a bout of conscience and is going back to the drawing board looking for cuts, an end to project labor agreements, and a full forensic audit of state spending...nah he's just lazy

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