There's going to be a vote in the Assembly on making you pay 10-20 cents for every soda bottle, plastic or glass, and every aluminum can you buy. Not just soda, but juice, sports drinks, beer, wine, and water bottles.

The environmentalists are gaga over this. So green! So environmentally friendly! Those worried about lead in the water in places like the Newark school system are thrilled as well, because the idea is to take deposit money that is never claimed by consumers and put 75% of it to lead abatement and remediation programs.

Who could be against it, right? Me.

I hate states where you have to return your bottles to get back your deposit money. I've lived in Michigan where you had to do this, and trust me, it's a huge pain in the ass. Yes, I know what you're thinking: "Deminski doesn't care about the planet! He doesn't care about lead in the water!" I do actually, which is why I already recycle curbside. I just don't want to fill the back of my SUV with empty bottles to recycle and get my money back. I also feel we pay enough in taxes that we shouldn't have to have a new one to fix the lead problem, because to me, that's what this is. A tax. Call it a tax on the lazy or a tax on the forgetful. But it's a tax all the same.

So you tell us? Is this a good idea?

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