Just like the children's book says, "I wanted you more than you ever will know, so I sent love to follow wherever you go."

One year ago today, at 9:47 pm, you came into this world and had to briefly fight to stay with us. As you go through your life, you'll have many other battles. Face them with the certainty that you won the one that counted the most, and never be afraid to fight through the problems you'll face no matter how steep the odds. You won't always win. Just as you'll learn from your mistakes, you'll grow in character from your losses.

I always tell people your mommy is a great gift giver. Like the time she thought to make me a key chain with the longitude and latitude of the place we first met. She certainly outdid herself when she gave me you! Your crazy open mouth smile lights up the room. Your spirit and passion is already infectious. I'm amazed by you every day, and so proud when you are tough enough to handle things. Like when you had shots at the pediatrician's office and within 20 seconds you stopped crying and were smiling at the nurse again. I'm so proud of you already, and you're only 1!

I'm so proud to be your father. I had my own struggle and fights just to get here to this part of my life where I could have you. Struggles you don't need to know about, for you'll have your own. Just know I want to be here for you as long as I can be. When others someday point out to you that you have an older dad, try to remember it's the only way you could have been here with us all. Try to remember that my love for you is ageless. That you make me believe in miracles.

Your mommy and I love you so very much. You are already such a special person. We look forward to seeing you become the man you'll be and helping you along the way. Make the most out of your life, Little One. When you realize someday the enormous odds against any individual one of us even being here, who had to meet who, what had to happen when, you'll hopefully realize you already hit the lottery. Don't squander your winnings. Make the most of all your days. Learn as much as you can. Appreciate what you have. Always remember there are more good people in this world than bad people. Never be afraid to love. Above all, enjoy your life.


— Jeff Deminski

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