A new national poll just came out that says Americans are most concerned about terrorist acts. This could bode well for Donald Trump — even though he's completely inexperienced — because the recent FBI reports on Hillary Clinton's email problems don't make her look good.

(Again, I'm not voting for either one of them; Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson gets my vote.)

It got me wondering what residents of New Jersey would say is our state's biggest problem. Even if you worry most about terrorism on a national level, what concerns you most on a state level? Is it the broken Transportation Trust Fund and how nothing is moving forward to break the political stalemate? Is it the ongoing downward spiral of the state's public pension system?

For me, it's still property taxes and how we fund our schools. They are so tied together it's like saying the same thing.

My wife and I have been leasing a single family home the past few years but I'm about to become a homeowner again, and the pain is real. I doubt it will ever happen, but I like Gov. Chris Christie's bold idea of a constitutional change so that we can provide every student in every district with an equal dollar amount of state aid and stop funneling so much extra money into failing districts.

The Robin Hood theory of school funding clearly has not worked. Granted, there is suspicion that even if the state aid per pupil is equalized some towns will not use that extra money to lower property taxes as they should. That's when voters at the local levels would need to clean house.

Something has to change. Property taxes are so bad here that I have family in other states who's mortgage payments are less than our property tax bills. Ridiculous. Were Bruce's words, "it's a death trap, it's a suicide rap" really far off when it comes to Jersey property taxes?

We are curious to know what you think is Jersey's biggest problem. Please, if you're not too busy working three jobs just to get by in this state, reach out to us @NJ1015 on Twitter or use the comment section below to tell us your vote as to Jersey's number one problem.

— Jeff Deminski

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