Dennis and Judi's favorite New Jersey's performer, Jax, gave them a surprise yesterday when she checked in from the American Idol Tour.   Jax said that she missed her favorite radio duo and that she just had to check in with them. Jax is currently out on tour with American Idol all summer and she discussed how surreal going out on tour all summer has been with the other singers she competed against on the show.

Dennis teased Jax, saying that once she gets off the American Idol Tour, she'll be preparing to open for the Pope who will be visiting Philly in the fall. Obviously, Dennis was kidding, but that's how much talent Dennis and Judi believe Jax has. As Judi has said in the past, Jax's talents and ceiling for just how far she can go is limitless.

Check out the entire interview with Jax's surprise call in, in the YouTube clip below.