Remember singer James Blunt? He was a very popular artist for a while with his hit song "You're Beautiful." Now, not so much. 

Dennis was playing an instrumental version of James Blunt's hit song when Judi started asking whatever happened to him. Judi mentioned that for a while, you couldn't go 10 minutes listening to a radio without hearing Blunt's song.

Now, you almost never hear Blunt's name anymore. Did Blunt fall off into the one-hit-wonder abyss?

Then, no discussion between Dennis and Judi would be complete without some type of impression, right? Dennis and Judi tried singing along with "You're Beautiful" to cap off the discussion. Needless to say, neither one of them will be mistaken for Blunt anytime soon but they still found a way to have fun with it.

Check out Dennis and Judi discussing the mysterious disappearance of James Blunt in the video above.