Jacob Williamson is going to be a household name but not for the reason he had hoped.   This video of Jacob went viral after he was eliminated from the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Williamson showed a very enthusiastic response when he was given the word "kabaragoya." Williamson immediately got extremely excited and shouted "I KNOW IT! I KNOW IT!" and pumping his fist.

Well, apparently he didn't know it, as Williamson misspelled the word by starting the spelling with a "C" rather than a "K." After Williamson learned of his misspelling, his only reaction was "WHAT?"

Williamson's sound bites have been posted all over the internet, including Deadspin, who created a rap beat for the clips.

There have been Vine's created for it, as pictured below:

If you haven't seen Jacob Williamson's now-sort-of-famous misspelling, watch the video below.