Did Michael say that he's "gonna eat a dog?"

Y-E-S...Michael and his brothers are selling breakfast cereal!

Check out this "classic" commercial! (there are two in the video clip).

As an added incentive to buy...after enjoying your Alpha-Bits, you would carefully cut the Jackson 5 "record" off the back of the box.

There was a plastic-stamped film over the cardboard...and the "record" actually played!

"ABC" was one of the songs available on the back of the box...do you remember what other "singles" were offered on the back of the Alpha Bits box?

I have a working "record player" (turntable).

I wish that I still had the "record."

It would be worth a LOT more than the cardboard and plastic that it was made of!

Sorry..."Love Never Felt So Good" is not stamped in plastic on the back of the 2014 edition of Alpha Bits  (Craig Allen photo).

R.I.P., Michael....hard to believe it has been almost 5 years...

August 29, 1958-June 25, 2009.