I think its safe to say...that Spring is (finally) here...to stay!

And, that means its time to get the lawnmower out...and get cutting!

In between the rain showers, that is... ( BTW: if April Showers bring May Flowers...and the Mayflower brings Pilgrims...May Showers bring....what? RUST?).

Dandelions are in full bloom...adding local color to Jersey lawns. (Craig Allen photo)

Whether its during our sun-later-in-the-evenings time, or on the weekends in between the radio shows when, like the music, I come out to play...I can hear the roar of lawnmower engines far and near!

A neighbor and his tractor. (Craig Allen photo)

Just don't think of it as work...

Think of it as fresh air and sunshine...as you sit in the "driver's seat" of your tractor...

...add "exercise" into the mix, if you're using a "push mower" (like me).

I remember helping my grandfather cut his lawn "back in the day." Well into the 1980's (and his 80's), he put the PUSH into push mower...and, so did I. He was still using his lawnmower from the 1930's. There was no engine! If you took a break from pushing the mower, the rotating cutting blades stopped too. Grass cutting, 100% human powered! I'm getting tired just thinking about it...

Exercise...but not as tough a workout as with my grandfather! (Craig Allen photo)

In either case (ride or push), grass cutting time is time that you can use to let your mind run free...maybe solve the world's problems, while you "beautify" your home. Its multi-tasking, for sure!

"Senior" dandelions...about to make more dandelions... (Craig Allen photo)

And, lets face it...a freshly-mown lawn looks great...and it smells like...spring (OK...maybe not so great, if you have grass allergies).

Oh yeah....and its a living for all those landscaping guys!

Lawn guys on-the-job, down the street. (Craig Allen photo)

They pull up to your home...back the lawnmower(s) off the trailer...

They cut your grass. You cut them a check.

Happy Spring, New Jersey!

"Gentlemen...and ladies...start your Tractors!" (Craig Allen photo)

And that reminds...my annual neighborhood tractor race is coming...

Stay tuned!