I pass this house (a nice house) on my "walk." Seriously, its time to cut the grass!

Looking to the RIGHT of the driveway... (Craig Allen photo)

Actually, I'm thinking that that the point of (easy) no return was back sometime around Memorial Day.

A view looking to the left of the driveway... (Craig Allen photo)

So, now the question is: How do you deal with grass...a lawn that is this tall...this out of control?

Is this a "front yard," or a "jungle?" (Craig Allen photo)

Go in initially with ad-fashioned scythe, and cut by hand? Or, fire up the weed-wacker?

I'm thinking that the yard in question is way beyond my mower's "pay grade!" (Craig Allen photo)

Lets face it...no walking mower or standard home riding tractor can handle grass this long.

So, now what?!

Maybe, just rent a farm/field tractor, and cut it like a hay field!

There's a workable idea!!

In any event, it will take more than one pass to cut this grass...and then pick up the cuttings, so that the grass isn't smothered (and killed off) by the cuttings.

Where are these guys? They're NEEDED! (Craig Allen photo)

I'm thinking that if I were one of these guys who earns a living cutting people's grass ("lawnscaper/landscaper"), I'd be stopping at this home, knocking on the door, soliciting new work (even if its one-time-only), on a slow day.

I'm just saying.

The driveway is fine...its the house that you can't see. (Craig Allen photo)

And, maybe someone should change the road sign...its the house that's hidden.