The other day at a Town Hall meeting in Somerset, Governor Christie ripped the realty transfer fee and said that it is time to scrap what in essence is a government money grab.

Governor Christie listens to a question regarding realty transfer fees at at town hall in Somerset. (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

Just a few days after the governor's statements about the realty transfer fee, Senator Diane Allen is planning on introducing legislation that would repeal the realty transfer fee.

A retired state trooper was the catalyst for this entire movement as he was the one who posed the question to the governor. Retired State Trooper Scott Packwood told the governor that he was charged over $5,000 when he sold his home. The governor said the tax was "ridiculous."

Retired state trooper Scott Packwood called in to the show this morning to discuss his question to the governor at the town hall meeting.  You can listen to retired state trooper Scott Packwood tell his story about speaking to the governor at the Somerset town hall and his thoughts on getting hit with the realty transfer fee below.

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