It's certainly time to be done with the NFL.

What a bunch of entitled, arrogant jerks. From Roger Goodell to Bob Kraft, I'm disgusted.

I appreciate that President Trump called out these selfish wimps. From Michael Bennett to Colin Kaepernick...disgusting. For me, it's all about high school football and SyFy network to make for a way better weekend.

So many things come to mind when I think about the unprofessional, disrespectful, disgraceful, arrogant, entitled behavior of millionaire NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem. Beyond the knee, perhaps the worst offense was from Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin who told his team to stay in the locker room.

But then it got worse.  One player, left tackle Alejandro Villanueva, a former US Army ranger and Bronze Star recipient took a stand. He left the locker room and stood up like a man. Coach Tomlin complained later at the post-game presser that he wished he had 100% participation in the protest.

Think about some of the most privileged, wealthy and talented football stars wanting us to believe that they are the victims.  It's enough to make me sick to my stomach. Think about the heroism and sacrifice of a decorated war veteran admonished by his coach for not protesting the nation he fought to protect?  The silver lining for Villanueva is that his jersey sales are through the roof.  At least it shows that the average football fan respects him and his actions more than the entitled, privileged cry-babies who embarrassed themselves on Sunday. The down side is those sales are only helping boost the money making racket that is the National Football League.

For me and my entertainment dollar the NFL is off the list. No more tickets, hats, jerseys and there are plenty of other options at 1pm and 4pm on Sundays. Remember, NFL ratings on Sunday afternoon were down by double digits already this year before the nonsense over the weekend.

Perhaps even worse is the ringleader, Roger Goodell, who has done nothing but deflect and divert attention of the shameful NFL positions on player injuries and domestic violence, is actually blaming the President! President Trump was right to call out these cowards. He was right to call the out for the fake outrage at the nation that has given them so much. The flag and the Anthem are not political stances. These are the symbols of our nation. The nation that provides so much for so many. Instead of uniting the nation under one flag, the NFL is exacerbating the racial tensions and stoking the fire of distraction. It's easier to hide behind the first amendment than to deal with the real issues of CTE and domestic violence seemingly rampant across the league.

Perhaps they really believe that as rich athletes they're a bit better than the rest of us. I don't know, but the events over the weekend got me thinking about perspective.

I'm reminded of the hero Pat Tillman who gave up a lucrative NFL career to enlist and serve his nations. He was killed in action.

I'm reminded of the NFL banning players from wear special cleats to honor the victims of 911.

I'm reminded of the NFL not allowing the Dallas Cowboys to add a star to their helmet to honor the 5 cops assassinated.

The NFL and these entitled, privileged few should be admonished and shamed for their actions. Truthfully I don't care if the NFL adopts a policy prohibiting these kinds of protests. I'm happy that the players reaction to the Presidents tweets exposed the true nature of so many of them. Weak minded cowards who have so much, while the average kid and family just want to escape for a few hours and watch a football game. The cities are a mess of economic injustice and crime and theses players want you to think they are the victims. Disgusting.

The bottom line is that NFL players who really believe that there is a racial problem in our nation should take a look in the mirror. The real crisis in our cities among people of color is a lack of economic opportunity and a lack of public safety. Look at the unemployment in some cities across NJ. Look at the crimes that endanger kids walking to school and businesses from conducting business. This is not a racial issue.  And it's certainly not about cops 'targeting' people of color. I wrote about this last year when the first protests started to trickle down to youth sports.

Do these players have any idea of the struggle that people of all races have in countries not as developed as America? How many thousands die daily from terrorism, pollution and starvation? It is truly sickening to watch grown men tearing up because of the #fakeoutrage over Michael Bennett and Colin Kaepernick. Stop it already. Grow up and act like professionals. But either way, it's too late for me and a lot of others as we're choosing to get our entertainment elsewhere on Sunday afternoons, so enjoy the ride while you're on it, the fame, glory and the money won't last forever.

If you're as outraged as I am and you want the NFL to hear about it, call their NY office (212-450-2000) and let them know how upset you really are by the actions of the players and Commissioner Roger Goddell.

I'm sure this topic is gonna come up again this week. For now, take a listen to the great conversation I had with caller Pam and a great young mind and certainly rising media start, 15 year old C.J. Pearson.

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