Every Monday morning, we ask "where are you now?' and inevitably, Vinnie from Hazlet calls from his driveway, where he sits and smokes, listening to our show to escape his wife. It occured to Dennis and me, that if he dies of a smoking related disease we may be sued by the grieving wife. After all, it's a 4 hour show. That's a lot of unfiltered camels!

As usual, we called your attention to some police stops today along the highways and byways of the great garden state. Remember, important law breakers have been caught through this method,(Bin Laden on Route 73 in Mt. Laurel, Saddam Hussein on Route 88 in lakewood, and Moamar Khaddafi at the intersection of 35 and 36 renting a tux at the men's warehouse) so please..participate!!
The Former "Dean Alflammia" has now officially changed his name to "Dino Flammia"..we think it has a nice ring to it.
Love you,