Yes, I know, August will be over in a few days.  Happiness, on the other hand, should never end.


In 1998 a lady by the name of Pamela Gail founded ,"The Secret Society of Happy People."  I'm writing about this with hopes of  making Gail's group a bit less "secret."

The purpose of the Society is quite simple:

Recognize your happy moments with the same enthusiasm as you recognize your unhappy moments.

Encourage others to talk bout their happy moments too.

and, Don't "rain" on other people's parades.

Ms. Gail says that asking some happy questions to your friends via e-mail could make their day brighter.  Here are some examples:

What's the happiest moment you've had recently?

What song makes your toes tap?

What's your favorite childhood food?

What's your favorite smell?

Or, What's your favorite holiday?

It's nice to have National Ice Cream and National Hot Dog Month.  As far as I'm concerned, every month should be "Happiness Happens Month."