Summer has arrived, if not on the calendar, but certainly weather wise.

Temperatures in the 80s make for the perfect day to find the best ices in Jersey to help you cool down.

There are loads of stands all selling one concoction or another of ices.

But when you think of ices, who’s rate as the best?

Back in the day, there was a pastry shop that used to put out a fold-up sign advertising their fresh ices.

It used to say in big letters, “Lemon Ices”; then in small letters, “made with fresh lemons.”

Some wise-ass kid from the neighborhood scratched into the sign, below the word “fresh” and substituted the word, “crappy!”

I still laugh my ass off when I think of it.

But their ices were the best. As well as their cremolata, gelatti, and whatever else they had to cool you off.

Give us your suggestions as to who you think has the best lemon ices in Jersey; or as you may say in South Jersey, “water ices!”

The ones that you would travel miles for.