Controversial Halloween display in Butler (CBS New York)

A controversial Halloween display in Butler that depicted ISIS terrorists with bloody machetes and a figure wearing a President Obama mask has been taken down.

The homeowner, previously identified as "Matt," told PIX 11 the display was vandalized, he was harassed and threats were made on his life.

“If people think that’s the American thing to do, is to harass people and force them to take down something that’s on their property, that is their right to have up, just cause they happen to be offended by it, than they’re not much better than ISIS because ISIS tries to suppress people and their beliefs,” he said.

Neighbors didn't really know what to make of the display.

“I don’t think those kinds of decorations are called for for Halloween,” neighbor Steve Huguene told PIX 11.

"Matt" says it is his First Amendment right to put up the display and will press charges if he finds out who vandalized the display.