247wallstreet.com ran this interesting list of the 30 jobs with the highest divorce rate. Take a look at these various occupations. Maybe yours is on here.

Now there are some where it's easy to see why it might be a marriage killer. Take bartender for example. You're working very late hours so your schedules might not match up. You're also in a position to constantly meet members of the opposite sex and then add liquor to the mix once you're off duty. Okay, that one I get.

But crane operator? They have a divorce rate of over 45%. Is it because they can often be relocating to far away job sites? Maybe. Then there's telephone operators. First of all, what exactly do they mean by 'telephone operators'? Switchboard operators are separate on the list, so they can't mean the front desk person for a company with a busy phone system. Do telephone operators even exist anymore? Hello, you have a collect call from the 1980's, they want they're operators back. Anyway that job is 11th on the list with a divorce rate nearly 48% and I have no idea why that would be.

Here's an odd thing. Exotic dancer is nowhere on the list. Are you telling me that strippers have a higher success rate at a happy marriage than a telephone operator? Really?

Check out the list and see if your job is on it.

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