After taking time to recover from Hurricane Sandy, Ocean County Paranormal is back.

We've been hearing stories of strange things going on at the new Townsquare Media offices in downtown Toms River, so we stopped by to see what was going on.

Segment 1
A quick look at "Ghosthunting 101". What are the "must haves" if you're going to get a group together and start ghost hunting, and what do the Garden State Ghost Hunters use on their investigations?


Segment 2
We gather our equipment and investigate the office. While walking around, we encounter some unexplained things and take a closer look. After our walkthrough, we sit down and go through our evidence and find out what Boni and Kat think about the office and whether a full investigation is in order.

So it looks like there may be something to the rumors after all! Don't forget, we welcome your questions, comments, suggestions, etc. Plus if you have a home, business, or location that you think may be haunted and you'd like an investigation, let us know!