The town of Gilford, New Hampshire is embroiled in hot debate over a surveillance video that shows either a hoax or something unexplained. 

At the Ellacoya Country Store last week a glass cover goes flying off a counter and shatters on the floor.  The video above shows the whole thing, and it repeats the interesting part several times at the end.

Store employee Heidi Boyd is seen in the video.  She says she was alone in the store when she walks away from the area in question and heard but didn't see the class cover jump then shatter.  She swears this was no hoax.  She points out the only nearby window is closed and locked so anyone thinking some string was being pulled from outside the building is wrong.  Pointing out how old the building is, she says she's convinced it was paranormal and finds it all freaky.  Watch the video above and tell us what you think by voting below.