My father used to say that when ad agencies came up with the ideas for some of the TV commercials you’d see on TV, in his words, “…they must have gotten a few screwballs from Belleview to sit in a room and say, 'make us a commercial'!”

I guess he didn’t know the process. It’s called “brainstorm”.

A group of people sit in a room, toss a nerf ball around, and say the first thing that comes to mind, thereby creating a marketing masterpiece.

Not too unlike the scenario he envisioned!

The GEICO Pig was probably conceived in that manner, as was the “Caveman”, the “Gecko” and the two dudes strumming during some outrageous event is going on out of their line of sight.

Some funny…well, one funny (the gecko), the rest…not so much.

And now, to add to the madness, one organization is taking on the insurance company for the commercial that they say promotes beastiality.

The insurance company giant GEICO has used a gecko and a pig to promote its business, but its latest commercial has the advocacy group One Million Moms claiming the ad is not cute. The ad, the group claims, is offensive and promotes bestiality.

GEICO’s newest mascot is Maxwell, a talking pig who is the latest target of One Million Moms, a conservative organization that its website says targets the “trash in today’s media” that is aimed at children.

A 30 second commercial released by GEICO has Maxwell in a topless convertible with a woman by his side. The car has just broken down, and Maxwell uses his mobile GEICO application to locate a tow truck. The woman seems frustrated that the tow truck will arrive so quickly, as she asks, “Oh, so that means we won’t be stuck up here for hours, with nothing to do?” The pig brushes off her advances.

See for yourself:

Monica Cole, director of One Million Moms, says the commercial promotes bestiality.
“It was just a pretty sleazy type of commercial because the girl [in the commercial] was really disappointed when she realized they wouldn’t be able to pass the time alone together,” said Cole.

The One Million Moms’ website states that the organization’s goal is to stop the entertainment media’s exploitation of children.
“Kids are drawn to animals. That’s normal. Animals are cute. That’s why movies have animals that play the lead roles and the main parts,” said Cole. “And it may be over their heads in terms of understanding the meaning behind it, but there’s a big concern when kids are being desensitized to this kind of thing.”

Cole says this isn’t the first time GEICO hasn’t taken bestiality seriously. “A bridesmaid was flirting with the gecko in a different commercial, so this is just becoming a norm for GEICO it seems,” Cole said.

Let me give you the scenario for the dopiest commercial on TV today:

I see my wife in the kitchen with her Walkman on listening to Barry White while she’s making a salad.

So I brush up against her as we sashay across the kitchen floor….but oh no, I forgot to pop my Cialis….and if I don’t pop the Cialis, we’ll never be able to take a bath in the adjoining tubs.

What to do?

Oh, wait a minute, I forgot...I popped the 30 day Cialis, so I’m good to go for at least a couple of weeks more.

Crank up the Barry White baby…I’ll be in the tub next to you feeling completely useless while the flag is at full staff!

(Now really, shouldn’t you see the both of them in the same tub? Or at the very least, throwing the salad on the floor and jumping up on the kitchen sink.

What the hell good is the Cialis if you’re not gonna share the same tub?)

Ooffaaa! I need a break!