A gossip site, MediaTakeout, ran a story about NY Giant Victor Cruz and his fiancee Elaina Watley. The story is that she caught him cheating multiple times and finally got fed up, found the whore's phone numbers, and sent out the following group text.

"Hello ladies, this is Elaina, Victor Cruz's fiance. You all know about me and I seem to be the topic of conversations in all of your conversations with Vic. I'm sure he's told you many of things about us and how we don't exist but given the fact that you all meet him in hotel rooms only, we all know that's a lie, just as he tells me you all are whores and mean nothing to him... I figured since you all know about me, then I should introduce each one of you to each other so we can all know who we have all been XXXXXXX for the past several months. So ladies meet one another and feel free to exchange notes."

Even the gossip site admits this is only sourced by one woman who claims to have received this text and I have a lot of doubt that it's a legit story. I'm hoping it is the hoax that I think it is. The only reason I'm even running this is a lot of other media has been running the story but not doing a good enough job in my opinion of pointing out that it is poorly sourced and doubtful. My money is on hoax.