We had a listener submit this photo to us after we posted a story last week about how having a stick figure family on your car could be dangerous. Now this sticker isn't dangerous but it brings up an interesting question about how much information people share about their lives and who they share it with.   Check out the photo below of a NJ driver who had one of those family stick figures on the back of their car. This sticker family is a little different than most. This stick figure family has the mom, dad, kid pets and another younger child-like figure, but the younger child has wings and looks as if they are an angel flying to heaven.

I guess the sticker is made to assume that the family suffered the loss of a child at some point. But is that the way you want to remember them or more so, is that information you want to share with everyone who sees the back of your car? Isn't that a bit personal?

Check out the photo below and let us know what you think of it.

Listener Submission