Many times when newspapers report on a new “craze,” its really just a couple of isolated occurrences that they tie together to make a trend, and this may be one of those, but I’m hoping it is real and I am hoping it lasts.

According to the New York Post, hipsters are now getting married in surprise weddings. A surprise wedding is one where the guests are brought together under false pretenses and the bride and groom then announce that they’re getting married right then. Of course, since they didn’t know they were going to a wedding the guests didn’t have to buy gifts, while the bride and groom, ar on the hook for the luncheon or drinks or whatever.

While I don’t know that I would like being tricked into attending a wedding, the low-cost for everyone aspect is very appealing. Tthe average cost of a wedding in Central/North Jersey has been reported to be well over $40,000, which I think is a tremendous waste of money; you’re not “more” married if you spend a ton of money, and I have found no research (and I’ve looked) that says spending a lot of money on a wedding leads to a longer or happier marriage. I’m hoping my daughter (and I only have one) chooses the low-cost route when she is old enough to get married; actually, I hope my sons do, too.