Amir Miller has been selling T-shirts of all kinds at his kiosk in the Cherry Hill Mall without incident for 1 and 1/2 years. Until now.

After the police shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota and the ambush of officers in Dallas, he started selling a T-shirt that read "This Has To Stop," above stick figures of police officers beating a cowering figure.

He says mall management paid him a swift visit and told him to take them down. They were too offensive and controversial. He grudgingly complied, but after his video showing him talking about what happened while pulling the merchandise was viewed tens of thousands of times, the mall management quickly reconsidered.

At the same time this is going on, people around the country are saying a new hashtag is offensive and racist. #Alllivesmatter was started to point out people of every color should be respected and treated properly — black, white, brown, or yellow. Many are saying #alllivesmatter is racist because it's detracting from the plight of black people.

Personally, I can't think of anything less racist than saying we all matter no matter who we are. I swear we will eventually add a cabinet position of Secretary of Offense in charge of weeding out political incorrectness.

But back to the T-shirt. Let us know if you find this offensive.

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