If you see an article pop up on your social media pages in the upcoming weeks regarding an all-out ticket blitz in New Jersey, here's what you need to know about it.

(Joseph C. Justice Jr., ThinkStock)

You may see an article that someone forwards or shares that has a picture of a state trooper vehicle  and the following verbiage attached to it:


New NJ State Police Initiative as CONFIRMATION BY MY FATHER whom is retired from the NJ State Police...

Starting July 28, New Jersey will launch a 30-day speeding ticket frenzy.

The state estimates that 9 million dollars will be generated in speeding tickets. One million dollars will go to pay state troopers over-time.

There will be 50 state troopers on duty at all times patrolling the 9 main intersections and highways as follows:

I-295 North and South,

I-95 Jersey Turnpike North and South,

I-80 East and West,

I-287 North and South,

I-78 East and West,

I-195 East and West,

I-280 East and West,

Route 130 - North and South,

Garden State Parkway - North and South

5 MPH above the limit can justify a ticket and every state trooper is supposed to pull a car over and write a ticket every 10 to 20 minutes.

They have issued 30 brand new unmarked Crown Victoria cruisers.

If you work in NJ, NY, DE or CT, you will probably be on one of these highways.

Starting August 15, the price of a violation to show your driver's license, registration or insurance card at the time you are stopped, increased from $44.00 to $173.00. (Keep these documents in your car).

And the fine for not having all three documents is $519.00!

The fine for hand-held cell phone use while driving will be going up to $180.00


This is absolutely FALSE. There is no initiative upcoming by the state police for any ticket blitz. This post has become something of an urban legend in the Garden State and seems to pop up every year around the start of the summer, making its way around social media. The website Snopes has an article debunking the story as well.